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Fresno Dec 10, 2021
It is with great luck due to an unfortunate accident that I was recommended to call Dunnion Law. Firstly, some framework, I am an international student attending university. Our health insurance works differently than regular coverage, limits etc. One of my peers upon hearing about my accident when he called to check on my well-being, the first thing he said was "you need to call these guys right now." Boy, was he right. Being an international student and my first time being involved in a wreck after coming here, I sustained injuries in the accident as well. If it wasn't for Dunnion Law - Travis, Cristina and Gina, I would have never been able to navigate through all the burdens that came afterward. They scheduled my doctor appointments and made sure I was getting my treatments when medical institutions looked the other way due to my different insurance policies. [They] handled my case in the background whilst ensuring I was ok. Best part is, they settled my case with an outcome I would probably never be able to achieve on my own - in record speed, efficiency, and comprehensiveness. They don't miss any details, and are very knowledgeable and professional. Even though I say professional, the way they treated me was like a family member that had gotten into trouble. Unlike other firms they use words like "we" and justice for me. You can tell they mean what they say. They call/mail/text you every few days to check on you, update you on the case and take the time to help you understand jargon you are not familiar with even whilst handling their other cases. I can see why I was recommended to them so quickly by many [people]. There was no doubt or hesitation when anyone recommended them to me. I understand why now. If you are fortunate and mindful of picking them as your representation to help navigate you through stressful, overloaded and unknown territory to you (even if you know), they will most definitely bring you the best outcome while making sure you are taken care of while it's proceeding. Dunnion Law did indeed break down the insurance companies palisade to bring me the justice I deserve. Thank you Dunnion Law. Thank you Travis, Cristina and Gina for everything you guys did for me. I appreciate you so very much. Thank you guys for meaning everything you say. I wish you guys and your firm nothing but the best. Now, I will be another to recommend you to others without any hesitation.
Monterey Dec 8, 2021
I had never hired an attorney and this is my first time. I'm very glad I chose Dunnion Law to help me. Travis and Cristina explained everything with detail and kept me informed.
Fresno Dec 6, 2021
I was recently referred to Dunnion Law. When I first spoke to Jennifer and Glenda De Guzman they made me feel welcomed and confident about my case. I highly recommend their service!
Concord Dec 6, 2021
My lawyer Glenda De Guzman, her assistant Jennifer, and the team worked hard on my case and I am very pleased with the outcome.
Fresno Dec 3, 2021
I highly recommend Glenda De Guzman and her team, Jennifer and Paige. They have been very kind, compassionate and professional to me and my daughter. My minor daughter was a passenger in a car accident. Glenda was very straightforward and upfront in what she thought she could do for my daughter. She exceeded in what she thought she could do and helped with the set up on how and when my daughter will get her settlement. I am beyond grateful for all Glenda and her team has done for my daughter.
Fresno Dec 2, 2021
Very happy with the first phone conversation with Glenda and her team. Very professional, respectful , kind and honest.
Monterey Dec 2, 2021
I would highly recommend Dunnion Law! They were very responsive, always had updates about the case and constantly checked in on me to see how I was doing. Glenda and her assistant Jennifer are an amazing duo! They walked me through everything since Day [1]. They were so helpful and quick to get things done!
San Jose Nov 26, 2021
Great reasonable price for the hard work, time and energy that they put into your case They are respectful and caring and try to help you in any way they can. You're not going to find another law firm with more heart, respect and understanding. Thank you Dunnion Law.
Monterey Nov 24, 2021
I'm really happy with Dunnion. They were very helpful and Travis helped me out.
Fresno Nov 24, 2021
Travis, Gina and Cristina are amazing. They finished a job my other lawyer couldn't. They got my case done faster and [put] more money in my pocket than my other lawyers did. I would highly recommend you keep their number in your phone. You never know what could happen to you. Thank you again Travis, Gina, Cristina. I appreciate the help you gave me.
Reno Nov 22, 2021
I not only personally recommend attorney Travis Alexander, I guarantee once you have used his service you too will have found your exclusive lawyer for life. He is the real deal. He responds in a timely matter, is exceptionally knowledge, and beyond trustworthy as a person. There is no other attorney that will work this hard for you. I will never go anywhere else. Without the help of the entire Dunnion Law team, I know for a fact that I would not have had the successful outcome I had. Travis and his prodigious team, Gina and Cristina, worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was told and presented it perfectly. Travis took care to stand up for every one of my requests and needs and guided me through the entire process. He stayed in close contact with me to ensure I was receiving every medical treatment I needed to overcome my injuries and quickly answered my phone calls to him. Travis and his team are solid and work astonishingly well together. His thorough research provided me the pathway I needed to claim victory. I will forever be grateful to Dunnion Law and will continue to retain them for all legal matters that may arise as I know I am in the best hands.
Fresno Nov 19, 2021
Glenda over at Dunnion Law was a complete blessing! She was always realistic, up front and honest! I really appreciated that! She fought hard for my case and came through on everything she said she would try to do! Glenda and her team made this process so much easier for my family and me. I never had a doubt in my mind since the moment I first spoke to this team! Great law firm! Thank you Glenda, Jennifer, Paige and the entire Dunnion team!
Monterey Nov 16, 2021
My attorney Dennis Delja was very professional and highly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dunnion Law.
Monterey Nov 10, 2021
After receiving a call from one of the attorneys at the firm it is evident that this firm prides itself in good service. I was impressed by the follow-up customer service and their willingness to offer guidance when they themselves are unable to provide the service I'm looking for. Thank you for the good faith.
San Jose Nov 8, 2021
The legal work was exemplary and very timely as far as the end of the case. The result was very pleasing to the pocket book. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Travis, Cristina and Gina for always being there.
Fresno Nov 8, 2021
I recommend Dunnion Law for any accidents you have been in They have one of the best teams to work with! Jennifer and Glenda De Guzman was my team and helped me understand what was going to happen. If I had any problems or questions, they were always only a phone call away.
Monterey Nov 3, 2021
Paola and Sargis took my case and were very professional. They took care of all questions about the case. I will recommend their services for any accident victims.
Fresno Nov 3, 2021
I had a bad car accident and my insurance was not really willing to help financially. I contacted Dunnion Law to speak with an attorney. I was placed with Sargis. Sargis stayed in touch with me throughout the process by checking in with me to make sure I was medically ok and to update me on the process. Sargis fought hard for me with my insurance company and was able to get me almost 3 times the amount I was originally offered from my insurance. Sargis fights for his clients and the office staff are very helpful. I would highly recommend this company.
Fresno Nov 1, 2021
The experience I had with Dunnion Law was so great. They were the only firm that acknowledged my claim, dog versus motorcycle. They were so quick and kind to me to get my settlement done and over, and with extreme rewards. Thank you all so very much.
Fresno Oct 31, 2021
I was involved in a bad accident and the first people I went to were Dunnion Law ... Jennifer was my secretary. She was very kind and understanding to my situation. She helped me understand things I wasn't too sure of and if I had any questions or problems she was quick to answer with a phone call! I recommend Dunnion Law if you were involved in an accident. They are the best team!
San Jose Oct 30, 2021
From start to finish, Dunnion Law was caring, understanding, explained everything clearly, and made sure I understood everything that was happening and was going to happen. Travis, Gina, and Cristina are all incredibly talented, and work together to get the job done and get you the best results.
Fresno Oct 29, 2021
I'd like to thank Travis, Cristina, Gina for helping me out. I previously had bad luck and got into an accident, hired some other lawyers that did nothing for me. They kept me in the dark, never called to check on me or anything. In July, I decided to hire Dunnion Law. I was connected to Travis and his team. Let me say they went beyond - I mean beyond. They got everything done very quickly. They also were able to get me way more than what my previous lawyer said. This will be my #1 firm for car accidents. Hopefully, it doesn't happen so quickly. Thank you again Travis, Cristina, and Gina - I greatly appreciate it.
Monterey Oct 27, 2021
I want to thank Marcella for her dedication and absolute " brilliance" that she accomplished with my case, which was extremely complicated. She went above and beyond for me. She shared this long, tough journey with me, and kept her elite professionalism, and her genuine compassion from the very beginning. I am very, very blessed to have had her handle my case. She walked me through things I didn't quite understand and made me feel at ease with her direction and unending encouragement and wisdom. She exceeded my final outcome. It has been a very challenging 2 years but she did her "magic" and I'm going to be okay on this road of recovery. Thank You Marcella! I am forever thankful. I also wish to give thanks to Shelly who was also a real champ in her tireless efforts and participation on my case. These two ladies are the BEST of the BEST at what they do. I truly recommend them for any challenging cases. They will fight for you! There's one more colleague I wish to say a deep 'Thank You' as well, for your comforting assurance when needed - Amanda. I just can't say enough for these three lady warriors! Thank you all for giving me your all. I am forever and truly grateful. God bless you all.
San Jose Oct 19, 2021
I was involved in a minor car accident on a Friday afternoon (worst timing). The accident caused a considerable amount of stress. Having spent the entire night looking for resources and information on the web, I was only further confused with no real answers. I eventually found an ad for Dunnion Law. I called Saturday morning, expecting a voicemail, but to my surprise, a case manager (Travis Alexander) answered and spoke to me on the spot. He was incredibly helpful and offered much needed advice, saving me from what would have turned into another sleepless night of futile internet research. I highly recommend this group!
Fresno Oct 1, 2021
I cannot express enough how thankful I am for Dunnion Law's assistance and guidance throughout this process. They were professional, helpful, resourceful, respectful, understanding, patient and professional. They fought to the fullest for my children and me. I am thankful, grateful, pleased and very satisfied with the choice I made when I was looking for who was going to represent my children and me. Thank you Attorney Sargis and team! THE BEST!!!

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