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When Two Mistakes Collide: "Not at Fault" May Still Mean "Breach of Duty"

Jun 23, 2022
When we think of car accidents and liability, we usually think only in terms of the drivers involved. This makes sense. After all, drivers are respons... Read More

Posted in: Auto Accident | Personal Injury | Safety

Will Automated Vehicles Increase Your Chances of Being in an Auto Accident?

Jun 15, 2022
Self-driving cars once seemed like the stuff of science fiction novels and movies. However, autonomous vehicle technology is advancing by the day. Whi... Read More

How Is Fault Determined in a Pedestrian Accident?

Jun 3, 2022
How Is Fault Determined in a Pedestrian Accident? To help you navigate the way forward, we looked at key factors of pedestrian accidents. Read More

Posted in: Auto Accident

Using Your Smartphone to Gather and Preserve Evidence Could Help Maximize Your Personal Injury Settlement

Feb 28, 2022
If you’ve been involved in an accident, your safety and the safety of those with you should always take precedence. However, if you’re abl... Read More

Five Reasons You May Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Jan 25, 2022
You never expected to be involved in an auto accident but as you drove into an intersection, another driver ran a red light and hit you. They were at ... Read More

Posted in: Auto Accident

Why Accidents with Semi-Trucks Are on the Rise in California. . .

Dec 29, 2021
According to, about 500,000 semi-truck accidents occur every year in the United States. When passenger vehicles are involved, IIHS ... Read More

Thrilled about getting a quick settlement check from the insurance company?

Careful, strings may be attached…

Dec 21, 2021
Some insurance companies make the claims process as difficult as possible and may continually challenge the cost and damages to the injured parties. H... Read More

Posted in: Auto Accident

Will A Pre-Existing Condition Prevent Getting Fair Compensation for an Accident Injury?

Nov 16, 2021
When you’ve been injured in an accident and have a pre-existing condition, you may be tempted to avoid pursuing your personal injury claim and s... Read More

Are you and your family ready for how a catastrophic injury from an auto accident may impact you?

Sep 27, 2021
A traumatic event like a motor vehicle accident can have far-reaching effects on both the victim of the crash and their loved ones. They may find them... Read More

Posted in: Auto Accident

Involved in an Accident With a Semi-Truck? Here's What You Need to Know

Jun 11, 2021
Getting into a car accident is always a hassle — but getting into an accident with a semi-truck can be especially stressful and complicated. If ... Read More
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