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Your Car Accident Injuries May Be More Than "Just Whiplash" - Make Sure You Are Fully Compensated

Jul 26, 2022
Learn the signs of whiplash and be prepared to take action to ensure you are fairly compensated. Read More

Posted in: Auto Accident | Personal Injury | Safety

Will Automated Vehicles Increase Your Chances of Being in an Auto Accident?

Jun 15, 2022
Self-driving cars once seemed like the stuff of science fiction novels and movies. However, autonomous vehicle technology is advancing by the day. Whi... Read More

Lack of Employee Training Could Cost Your Business Millions

Apr 25, 2022
Have you ever wondered why some restaurants and retail stores quickly post their “slippery when wet” signs while others don’t seem t... Read More

Posted in: Safety

Car Accidents: Key Steps to Take After a Crash

Oct 30, 2020
You may have heard the adage that flying is safer than driving on the highway. Statistics bear this out, especially in the age of distracted driving.... Read More

What is a Catastrophic Injury and Why do You Need Legal Representation?

Oct 5, 2020
If someone else’s negligence has caused you a terrible injury, you owe it to yourself and your family to seek legal representation as soon as po... Read More

Posted in: Safety

How to Keep an Eye Out for Motorcyclists in California

Aug 14, 2020
Most drivers are aware they must share the road and exercise caution with regard to other drivers. But it’s all too easy to miss that motorcycle... Read More

Getting Outdoor Time During Shelter-In-Place

May 12, 2020
  Are you one of the many bicyclists and pedestrians taking time outdoors during the shelter-in-place? Even though vehicle traffic has declined, ... Read More

Posted in: Safety

Recognizing and Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury

Mar 6, 2020
According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1.5 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury every year. These can occur from sports acci... Read More

Texting Too Much?

6 Tips To Help Prevent Distracted Driving

Mar 6, 2020
Being distracted by a cellphone or focusing on items other than the road can lead to deadly accidents. California and other states have enacted distra... Read More

Posted in: Safety

The Most Common Reasons for Vehicle Rollovers

Jan 6, 2020
Do you know what puts your vehicle at risk for a rollover accident? No one wants to wind up in an accident where their car flips over. While there ar... Read More
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