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I Slipped and Fell at an Apartment Complex, Do I Need a Lawyer?

Jan 26, 2017

Suffering a slip and fall accident can be a traumatizing experience, both emotionally and physically. In addition to trying to recover from your injury, you need to find a way to support yourself until you can return to work, which is why many people choose to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, if you’ve fallen in a rented apartment or house, then you might be wondering if you’re even eligible to file a suit.

Here are some of the complications involved in slip and fall cases and advice for when you should hire a premises liability lawyer for your case.


The main complication involved in a premises liability case is where your fall took place. For instance, if your fall happened inside your apartment, then you may have an uphill battle proving that your landlord is responsible for your accident. Fortunately, there are some instances where your landlord is culpable for falls that happen inside of your home.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that the flooring in your home has started to crack and is now unsafe to walk on. If you’ve notified your landlord of the unsafe conditions in your home and they did nothing to rectify the situation, then they can be held liable for any falls that occurred. If, however, you did not contact your landlord about the problem, or if you yourself did not take reasonable precautions, then it will be difficult to win your case.


In apartment complexes, there are generally a number of common areas, including sidewalks and parking lots, where you could potentially suffer a slip and fall accident. However, slip and fall claims involving common areas are not as easy to win as you might think.

Your landlord’s liability for common area accidents will depend entirely on the terms of your lease. Not all landlords, for example, are required to keep common areas clear of snow, ice or other substance, which means they aren’t liable for falls that take place due to this issues. On the other hand, if your landlord includes common area management in your lease and they fail to uphold this responsibility, then you will likely be able to win your claim.


Your biggest responsibility in winning your slip and fall case will be to prove your landlord was at fault. Before you can prove this, however, you will need to gather the evidence necessary to demonstrate your claim.

First, you should make sure to fully document the scene of your accident, especially with picture or video evidence. Secondly, there were witnesses to your fall, you should collect statements immediately after your accident. If you’ve never had to collect evidence for a personal injury lawsuit before, it can be helpful to consult with a premises liability lawyer for assistance with your claim.


Following an apartment complex slip and fall accident, it can be hard to know how you’ll move on with your life. Getting the compensation you need following your accident is easier when you have the guidance of a premise liability lawyer from the Dunnion Law Firm. When you work with us for your premises liability suit, we will treat your claim carefully and compassionately, which is what you deserve. Contact us today to learn how the Dunnion Law Firm can work for you.

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