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$5.25 Million Pedestrian Accident

Crash at Crosswalk Injures Child – $5,250,000

While crossing the street at a crosswalk, our eight-year old client was struck by an inattentive truck driver. He sustained multiple catastrophic injuries, including brain bleeding and brain deficits, and a fractured skull, in addition to complications caused by nine days spent in a coma. Doctors also diagnosed our young client with long-term major neurocognitive disorder as a result of the accident.

Dunnion Law played an important role in keeping the focus on the liability of the defendant since the plaintiff clearly had the right of way at the time of the crash. The defense argued that the crash was caused by poor lighting in the area and claimed that the young boy was on his skateboard at the time of the crash. They further argued that he had fully recovered from the accident injuries.

Dunnion Law attorneys used accident reconstruction and hired experts to show that it was highly unlikely the plaintiff was not walking when struck due to the placement of his body and shoes immediately after the accident. Dunnion Law also retained co-counsel and leveraged statements in the police report about the truck driver being distracted and using a phone at the time of the crash to challenge arguments about lighting being the primary cause of the crash.

Dunnion’s quick thinking to use accident reconstruction experts focused the case on the severe and permanent brain injuries of the plaintiff and the defendant’s underlying liability.

Though he is currently a minor, he will begin receiving annuity checks when he reaches age 18. Today, he’s able to live a normal life as a teenager and enjoy time and vacations with his family and friends.