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Tom Dunnion

With his practice focused exclusively on personal injury law, Tom set out to make a difference for injured individuals. Particularly, those hurt in auto, big rig, pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle accidents and other personal injury cases. Over the next few years, he built a team of like-minded personal injury lawyers. Each of them share his fierce commitment to champion and protect the interests of all Californians who have been injured at the negligence of others.

In 1978, Tom relocated the headquarters of Dunnion Law to Monterey, California. From this location, it has successfully grown to include two additional locations in Fresno and San Jose to better serve injured Californians. Today, Dunnion Law continues its commitment to create a level playing field for all injured Californians. Together we help them fight against the often unfair treatment of insurance companies.

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Personal Injury Firm FAQs

If you, or anyone with you, was injured in the accident, contact your doctor so they can diagnose and determine the injuries that were sustained. Keep all this information in a designated file so that you can locate and access it easily when you speak with our personal injury lawyers. When you have all the information gathered, call us and we can help determine whether you have a personal injury case.

If no injuries were sustained and only property damage occurred, these matters can usually be resolved between the insurance companies involved. However, if you later experience residual effects, such as headaches or muscle pain, it may be beneficial to see your doctor. While there, get a complete assessment of your injuries to determine whether the injuries are associated with the accident. He may also determine whether ongoing care is needed.

Before telling the insurance company about the accident, we recommend that you speak first with one of our personal injury lawyers. If you must talk to the insurance company, do not consent to being recorded, and limit your conversation to the vehicle’s condition and location so that its damage can be assessed.

Do not feel pressured to admit that you caused the accident or that you could have avoided it. It’s also advised that you do not discuss your injuries or how you are currently doing. It can often take days or weeks for the full extent of your injuries to manifest, and the insurance company could later use your comments against you. Taking these precautions will help strengthen your case, and will allow us to make sure you are fully compensated – something insurance companies are determined not to do.

That’s a difficult question, and ultimately depends on assessing the unique conditions of your claim, which cannot be done by an automated calculator. However, according to the All-Industry Research Advisory Council (ARAC), a typical injury case will settle for $3,262 without an attorney, or $11,939 with an attorney. Our personal injury lawyers also have a proven reputation for successfully fighting for top-dollar settlements, and have secured more than $800 million for our clients.

To get an estimate of your settlement, you can speak with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. They will assess your claim based on its unique circumstances and provide an estimated settlement once they gather the details of your case.

It’s advised that you not settle until meeting with our personal injury team. It is likely the insurance company’s offer is well below what you truly deserve. If you accept the settlement and you later need further medical treatment or are unable to work due to your injuries, your settlement and waiver agreement can prevent you from getting additional compensation.

Dunnion Law is committed to fighting against insurers that attempt to take advantage of unrepresented individuals who may not be aware of the true value of their case. Our clients trust us to advise and guide them about whether to accept an injury settlement or not. You can speak now to one of our experienced personal injury lawyers who will offer knowledgeable insight on your settlement offer, and help assure that you receive the maximum compensation possible for your claim.