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5 Things to Avoid After You’ve Been Involved in an Auto Accident

Traffic accidents can be scary, especially if someone’s been injured. Aside from injuries and property damage, a lot of people involved in auto accidents have a difficult time remembering the things they should and should not do in order to protect themselves and their right to financial compensation.

At The Dunnion Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers know that car accidents are a frightening time, and we want to help make sure you have the information you need after you’ve been involved in a collision. Because there are certain mistakes that can threaten your future injury claim should you choose to file one, below are a 5 things you should avoid:

  • Not Calling Law Enforcement – Not calling the police is a common mistake. It’s also a mistake that can harm your future injury claim. By calling police after an accident, you can ensure that any immediate emergencies will be addressed. A law enforcement officer can also act as a neutral third party who can document what happened and collect evidence or witness testimony.
  • Forgetting to Exchange Information – You need to collect information of all parties involved whenever you are in an accident. Without it, you have no case. Make sure to collect all contact and insurance information from other drivers involved, including their license plate numbers. If there are any witnesses, get their information as well.
  • Waiting to Get Medical Attention – Far too many people involved in auto accidents don’t get immediate medical attention, either because they don’t feel pain at the time or because they think the pain will go away. With adrenaline rushing, you may not feel pain until a later time, or you may put yourself at risk if you put off going to the doctor. Seeking prompt medical attention is crucial to both your health and your future injury claim.
  • Not Collecting Evidence – If you are able to, make sure you collect as much information as possible regarding the accident. Taking video or pictures of property damage, the scene, visible injuries, and roadway conditions is important. You can also write down all events while they are still fresh in your mind.
  • Believing the Insurance Company Will Be Fair – Insurance companies are in business to collect premiums, not to pay out insurance claims. Don’t be misled into thinking the insurance company is on your side. Speak with an attorney first before speaking to the insurance company and never accept any offers without consulting a legal professional. You may risk accepting a settlement that is less than you need and deserve.