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Are you and your family ready for how a catastrophic injury from an auto accident may impact you?

A traumatic event like a motor vehicle accident can have far-reaching effects on both the victim of the crash and their loved ones. They may find themselves suddenly without a breadwinner or caregiver. When one person is seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle collision, it affects everyone around them. It’s not just about physical injuries; victims of car accidents often face emotional trauma as well.

Man on wheelchair using accessible vehicle with ramp for transportation with driver helping.

Catastrophic Injuries Can Create a New Family Dynamic

The most severe injuries, also called catastrophic injuries, can change the victim’s life forever. Examples of catastrophic injury include:

  • traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and other severe head injuries
  • spinal cord injuries, particularly those causing partial or total paralysis
  • severe spine injuries
  • amputation or injury that results in the loss of a limb
  • disfiguring injuries, such as burns or significant scarring, and
  • any long-term or permanent injury that disrupts the plaintiff’s life, especially the ability to earn a living, and/or require intensive medical treatment and/or long-term care.

An accident can result in a lifetime of medical care. Reduced cognitive abilities, limited range of motion, or permanent memory or physical losses can dramatically change a victim’s lifestyle, as well as family roles and dynamics.

Catastrophic injuries often can affect a person’s ability to work, care for themselves or their family members, or maintain relationships with others. Relearning basics, like tying shoes or social etiquette, can be stressful for both the victim and the caregiver. The injuries and recovery process also may lead to other issues such as mental health challenges (e.g., chronic depression), addition, and in severe cases, suicide attempts.

Family members, who may have relied on this individual, may now need to consider making stressful adjustments to their lifestyle. The immediate loss of income, care giving or work the individual previously contributed often are transitioned to others who are already managing multiple responsibilities..

In addition to closing the gap the victim may have left, family or others also face the task of helping in the recovery. Catastrophic injuries can require numerous treatments or surgeries for the individual to recuperate toward his physical and mental wellness. Coordinating the transportation, and the appointments to and from multiple medical visits can quickly strain the available resources. It can all suddenly be overwhelming.

Other Consequences of Catastrophic Accident

When a catastrophic accident occurs, you and your family may be forced to address financial and legal concerns quickly, rather than focus on the victim’s recovery. Whether it’s filling out paperwork, dealing with insurance, or getting medical expenses paid, it can quickly add up to financial and emotional stress. Amid these circumstances, you may also need to consider and address the following:

  • Home or vehicle modifications (wheelchair accessibility)
  • Shoring up disability benefits to help cover regular monthly expenses due to loss of income
  • Covering the expense of additional gas needed for medical-related travel, daycare, and other new needs

We know and understand the consequences and costs a catastrophic injury can have, and take it all into consideration when we handle your case.

How a Catastrophic Accident Attorney Can Help

At Dunnion Law, we have years of experience fighting insurance companies and ensuring our clients with catastrophic injuries receive the compensation they deserve. An experienced personal injury attorney can make sure that your family is receiving maximum compensation by making the most of each claim as it relates to catastrophic injuries from a car crash or other incident.