Bilingual Legal Sales Specialist

Job Description

We are looking for a high performing tele-sales specialists. Spanish fluency is required! Prior sales experience is required and highly valued, but it does not have to be in a law office setting or within the legal field. Equally so, we care about who you are as a person, how effectively you can make a connection with potential clients in need, and what you can achieve.

About the position:

You will be solely responsible for illustrating the need of our services as personal injury attorneys to potential clients. You will field incoming calls from potential clients with concern and a compassionate voice, and efficiently evaluate the complex facts of their case through active listening. You will independently determine whether this is a case in which we have the potential to make an impact for that client, and if so, you will lead them through the rest of our onboarding process. You will also work closely with our marketing team to collaborate on outbound tactics and other partnerships to bring in new cases.

We will train you on our systems and software, in addition to teaching you what case components make for both client and firm success. You will have the opportunity to shadow our attorneys to learn new closing tactics and the ability to seek out advice from the attorneys on cases with more complicated facts. The position is Monday through Friday from 8:00 am and 5:00 pm PST, with an hour lunch break.

You’ll thrive in this position if:

  • You want to provide life-changing help in a sales position by understanding a client’s needs and illustrating how their needs and our capabilities intersect.
  • You want to be challenged. You will use analytical skills to quickly make independent, consequential decisions based on your analysis.
  • You are goal-oriented, have a self-driven sense of motivation, and are invested in making the sell.
  • You want you a bonus structure that rewards you for success.
  • You value a sense of urgency and consequence to your work and work well under pressure.
  • You are hyper-responsive by phone or email with clients to discuss their needs and offer solutions.
  • You value positivity and optimism and want to contribute it to and receive it from your team.

Essentials for applying:

  • You have a personal work computer and reliable internet connection. A tablet or a cell phone will not be enough.
  • Word processing capability (60 wpm minimum) and basic computer skills.
  • You are reliable, proactive, professional, and polite in your communications.
  • Demonstrate ability to network well with attorneys and clients alike.
  • A deep well of compassion. Even though we help countless people going through difficult situations, we give each potential client the respect and attention they deserve—whether it’s 8am on Monday or 4:45pm on Friday.

About us:

  • We have represented injured Californians since 1975 and have over 300+ combined years of legal experience.
  • We have grown to become one of the most successful personal injury law firms in California with over $800M recovered for our clients.
  • We believe in justice, fairness, and personal & corporate responsibility. For us, this takes the form of fighting for the little guy who is up against tough odds.
  • We believe in hard, goal-oriented work towards a common mission, and never-ending improvement and growth to better serve our clients and accomplish our goals.


W2 position; Starting from $22/hour base pay with no related work experience, or starting up to $32/hour base pay with solid, prior sales experience, plus performance-based bonuses.

To Apply:
If you’re interested, please call (831) 373-8035 between 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PST Monday – Friday before or shortly after submitting your information on the Application form and ask to speak to the Recruiting Lead. If the Recruiting Lead is available, we will confirm your contact details, that we have your application, and perhaps ask a few introductory questions. If the Recruiting Lead is not available, leaving a voicemail and submitting your resume is fine—your voicemail can be as simple as, “Hi, my name is ____, and I am submitting a resume for the Bilingual Legal Sales Specialist position. My callback number is _____.”

Interested in joining the team? We look forward to your call!