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$1.35 Million Auto Accident

Car Accident Injures Retired Engineer – $1,350,000

While a retired nuclear engineer and his wife were returning home from the Mojave Desert to San Jose, they were struck head on by a reckless young woman. The result of a careless driver would change this engineer’s retirement life from that day onward. 

The engineer fractured his neck, requiring that he undergo immediate, emergency surgery to prevent paralysis. He also suffered a complete and permanent shutdown of his bladder, which meant he would have to use a catheter to urinate for the rest of his life.

The engineer called Dunnion Law for help, who revealed to him on their first meeting that his underinsured motorist coverage was defective and would not cover him adequately. He was at risk that the young, at-fault driver’s insufficient insurance policy would be the only source of compensation. Dunnion would not let that happen and within days, obtained all of the insurance limits from the at-fault driver. Dunnion then filed an action against their client’s insurance companies, claiming that their policies of insurance were defective. After a full day of mediation, the engineer’s insurance company finally submitted to Dunnion’s demands and offered up $900,000. While the retiree and his wife can never get back their life before the accident, the ended up with a total settlement of $1,350,000 to make their future a little better.