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$1.0 Million Auto Accident

Commuter T-boned in Palo Alto intersection – $1,000,000 Settlement

As many others do, our client commuted several hours each day from home to her job in Palo Alto. When her shift at the VA ended that fateful afternoon, the driver of a Bentley SUV ran a red light and t-boned our client as she drove on SR-82 to return home. The Bentley SUV slammed our client’s small SUV off the road so hard that her vehicle nearly crashed into the building of the adjacent Jiffy Lube.

Our 68-year-old client suffered extensive injuries to her back and neck that required multiple surgeries. However, despite the severity of her injuries, her HMO denied her the ongoing care and surgeries needed to relieve the nearly constant pain she suffered. Opting for ‘conservative care’ instead, this grandmother and the bedrock to her family was eager to return to work and support her family, and awaited the financial recovery to obtain the treatment and care she deserved.

After hiring Dunnion Law to help with her case, the legal team obtained immediate care for our client while the case was underway. Rather than keep her waiting for the necessary care and endure the ongoing pain and ache from her injuries, the medical specialists effectively treated her injuries and provided the lumbar surgery that alleviated her severe and debilitating back pain. Meanwhile, Dunnion Law continued to work her case and obtained the full policy limit of $1,000,000 from the at-fault driver’s insurance policy, allowing her to obtain the ongoing and future care she needs.

In addition, Dunnion Law reduced her extensive medical costs by nearly $213,000, allowing her to keep more of her settlement rather than paying those funds toward medical care. Though she continues to receive care for her neck injuries, her settlement and earlier lumbar surgery have helped her to return to her routine, and resume her commute to work at the VA.