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$1.0 Million Truck Accident

Cowboy Injured in Semi-Truck Accident Awarded Seven-Figure Settlement – $1,005,000

Our client, an old-school, California cowboy from Fresno, saved a young, at-fault driver from a potentially fatal consequence. Instead of the teenage driver suffering what would likely have been deadly injuries, our client took immediate and chivalrous action at his own expense to help ensure the young driver would survive the crash.

The semi-truck accident occurred when the young driver ignored the stop sign at her intersection, and wrongly entered traffic. At that moment, our client, a contract driver for a local hauling company, approached the intersection in a semi-truck filled with cattle. Upon seeing the other driver enter the intersection, our client, who had the right of way, swerved off the road into the trees to avoid hitting the smaller vehicle directly on its side.

The at-fault driver and her vehicle sustained minor damage compared to the horrific scene of twisted metal, and overturned and screaming cattle at the semi-truck site. The semi-truck driver suffered multiple injuries to his head and face including lacerations near his eyes, fractures to his nose, arm, wrist, hand and fingers, as well as injury to his stomach.

Without the benefit of personal health insurance, or Worker’s Compensation insurance due to his ‘independent contractor’ status, the family quickly went through its financial resources to get him medical care for his injuries. Despite their best efforts, the medical bills became unmanageable even though the need for medical attention continued.

Our client hired Dunnion Law to get the legal assistance needed to handle the insurance companies, and the mounting medical expenses. Our firm quickly found doctors to provide medical attention for his injuries, and obtained assistance for the family to help with the cost of medical care.

Once Dunnion Law provided the family with the financial guidance and medical care they needed, the legal firm aggressively pursued all the insurance companies involved to obtain recovery for the client’s injuries. Our attorney firmly assured the insurance companies of imminent arbitration to help get the case the immediate evaluation and attention it had been previously denied. Dunnion Law also pushed the case forward with forceful responses and demands to prevent the insurance company from further delay, and reminded them that their tactics could be viewed as practicing in ‘bad faith.’

After months of relentless pressure, Dunnion Law successfully obtained a seven-figure settlement for the client. The 62-year-old cowboy, rancher and grandfather of three received an award of $1,005,000. Although the physical and emotional scars of the accident will never leave him, he returns to a supporting and loving wife, a son and three grandchildren – and great prospects for a life full of humor, hard work, and cowboy living that he previously enjoyed.