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$1.0 Million Auto Accident

Disabled Passenger Suffers Seizures After Truck Crashes into His Vehicle – $1,000,000

When he suffered traumatic brain injuries from a motorcycle collision in his youth, our client moved in with his mother to get the ongoing care he needed. Thirty years later, another accident added further complications to his long-term mental disability.

While riding as a passenger in his mother’s vehicle, our client suffered an exacerbating head injury when their vehicle was struck by a truck. The driver of a commercial truck, two lanes left of their vehicle, had fallen asleep at the wheel. His large truck slammed into a light truck to his right which in turn struck our client’s vehicle on the driver side. The high-speed, chain-reaction collision forced our client’s vehicle into a retaining wall.

Upon impact, our client struck his head and went into a seizure. The pre-existing seizure disorder that he previously had mostly under control suddenly re-ignited. After nine days in the hospital, the seizure disorder ultimately forced his transfer to a skilled nursing facility where he resides today. To diminish their costs for damages and medical expenses, the defense attorneys claimed the disorder was not from the crash, but a natural progression of his brain injuries.

These claims may have succeeded with another attorney, but not with Dunnion Law. Our attorney held a track record of winning brain injury cases and used his knowledge and experience to prove the accident was the direct cause of our client’s seizure disorder. Pre-collision medical records and the testimony of family members, who knew the client before and after the second crash, showed the accident caused his subsequent seizure disorder.

Unable to present any arguments proving otherwise, the defense attorneys conceded the accident caused our client’s injury. Our attorney’s skilled argument and supporting testimony resulted in a seven-figure settlement of $1,000,000 for our client.