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$700,000 Pedestrian Accident

Disabled Pedestrian Struck in Parking Lot – $700,000

A business owner from Santa Clara, who was on crutches as a result of surgery, was parked in a gas station parking lot. As he stepped out of his vehicle to go to the convenience store, his vehicle was hit from the rear by a diesel truck and trailer. The collision caused the man to fall out of his truck and hit his head on the asphalt, injuring his head and hand.

The businessman also endured a closed head injury, aggravation of his surgical site, ligament damage, right foot sprain, memory loss, right elbow and wrist sprain, back and shoulder pain, and blurred vision.

Dunnion Law enabled the client to see multiple specialists, including a highly-reputable neuropsychologist to help the client manage his various injuries. Upon investigating the extent of the injuries, Dunnion successfully recovered $700,000 for the client.