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$1.25 Million Pedestrian Accident

Distracted Driver Backs Up in Driveway – $1,250,000

Our client, a retiree from Fremont, took his dog for its usual morning walk through his neighborhood. Nearby, a mother prepared to go out for the day with her children. As she was backing out her car, the children distracted her, and without looking behind her, she struck our client as he walked past.

Upon being hit, the 68-year old fell hard onto his left side, injuring his left leg and left arm. An ambulance rushed him to the hospital where medical staff found several torn ligaments and tendons on his left side. They also identified injuries to his left knee that would require total replacement surgery.

Just one year later, infections from his accident injuries required a second knee replacement surgery, and the removal of all his teeth to eliminate any future source of infection. As a result of the crash, our client also underwent multiple surgeries to repair his left patella for a ruptured tendon, and to reconstruct his right ankle.

With the numerous injuries that our client sustained, his medical bills and health insurance liens ballooned to nearly $650,000. Our attorney demanded a substantial reduction during negotiations. Knowing his client faced the possibility of owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, our attorney successfully obtained a $500,000 reduction, leaving just $150,000 of the original $650,000 balance.

Dunnion Law’s thorough investigation of the client’s accident claim revealed the defendant also held an umbrella policy of $1,000,000. This additional policy made it possible for Dunnion Law to recover more than the $250,000 insurance policy initially presented. With litigation pending, Dunnion Law’s expertly prepared and supported demand convinced the defendant’s insurers to pay the full policy limits of all available coverage, subsequently paying the client a $1,250,000 settlement.