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Don’t Let Your Medical Needs Go Unattended During Shelter-In-Place

In one way or another, coronavirus is impacting everyone – the healthy and the injured alike. If you’re one of the millions who had existing injuries or illness before the coronavirus shelter-in-place (SIP) or stay-at-home (SAH) orders took effect, getting the medical care and related treatment you need may seem more difficult than ever.

Most SIP and SAH orders allow for essential work and doctor’s visits, though it is best to review your local order to confirm which activities are permitted in your area. In the rare case where your medical needs may not be specifically addressed, hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers are finding innovative ways to deliver patient care.

In many markets, including the Bay Area, virtual visits and communication by phone conferencing have allowed injured individuals to obtain much of the medical attention they need. Not only do these options help reduce the need to use personal protection equipment, it also helps minimize COVID risks to you and to healthcare staff. With these alternatives available, if you have a computer or phone available, you can often get access to the medical care and treatment you may need.

Phone Appointments

Some patients are hesitant to contact their doctors due to the coronavirus risks and the SIP and SAH orders in place. However, if your medical or health condition requires attention, you should contact your provider to get a better understanding of the options available to you. Though many offices have reduced their office hours, staff are typically available to arrange virtual visits or phone consultations if needed.

With a phone appointment, your healthcare provider will typically contact you at the arranged time on the phone number you provided. They then may ask you questions related to your injuries or health concerns. It’s always best to have a notepad and pen ready and to prepare a list of the questions related to your condition so you can get the most out of your phone appointment.

Virtual Visits

A virtual doctor visit can be beneficial in providing a visual assessment of your condition and allow the doctor to guide you through their medical evaluation. Similar to a phone appointment, your healthcare professional can also answer your medical questions, and prescribe medication or refer you to a specialist after completing an evaluation of your needs and circumstances. Most visits are also covered under your insurance plan and usually require payment of your standard co-pay.

Once you have scheduled your virtual visit with your doctor, either by phone or through your healthcare online portal, you will need:

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • A quiet place for your visit.
  • A working camera, microphone and speakers, which may be built into your mobile or computing device. Or, an external and compatible camera and headphones that plugs into your device.
  • A scheduled appointment.
  • In some cases, your doctor’s office may also have additional requirements that they typically send to your email or mobile device.

Office Visits

Office visits can be particularly useful when a virtual or phone consultation cannot provide the details or treatment, such as physical therapy or surgical procedures, that may be needed.

Though some healthcare professionals are continuing to see patients in-office, they may implement a new set of procedures or questions related to your coronavirus exposure or symptoms. You should ask your medical office if you need to be prepared to complete or answer questions before making an in-person visit.

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