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$750,000 Pedestrian Accident

Driver Attempts to Mislead Victim About Finances – $750,000

While driving in the late afternoon, a driver struck our client, a 57-year-old Fresno man who was crossing Shields Avenue. Unable to see ahead of him due to sunlight in his eyes, the driver sped through the intersection, striking our client at high speed.

The victim was unconscious for three days and suffered several injuries, including multiple skull fractures, chipped teeth and abrasions all over his body. His chipped teeth needed to be replaced, and medical care was provided for his other injuries.

Despite the driver’s false declarations to mislead our client and the police about his insurance coverage, his assets, and an available business policy, Dunnion Law investigated his statements and was able to uncover these misrepresentations. Our attorney successfully won a $750,000 award for our deserving client. This man can now take care of his medical needs, and continue to care for his elderly mother.