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$500,000 Bicycle Accident

Driver Strikes Triathlete Throwing Him Off His Bike onto the Road – $500,000

Our client, an avid triathlete, bicycled regularly as part of his fitness routine. His ride ran along a street that forked to the right. That fork would take him, his wife and his two children down an unexpected detour.

That morning as he rode at usual speed, preparing to pass the fork in the road, a driver sped past him and turned directly in front of him to take the fork to the right. Our client slammed into the side of the minivan, was thrown off his bicycle and hit hard on the pavement. The impact to his body from both the vehicle and the road broke his collar bone and caused serious cuts and bruising.

For this competitive athlete, the injuries were devastating and prevented him from competing in triathlons for nearly two years. During that time, his wife and children, who had reveled in an active life with him, now had to support and assist him as he recuperated from surgery that required a plate and screws to repair his collar bone.

Worse, the driver’s insurance company denied liability and offered him absolutely nothing for either his medical expenses or the losses he incurred. Fortunately, our client contacted Dunnion Law and our attorneys went to work putting together a legal plan to help our client get the compensation he deserved. Our attorneys subpoenaed the driver’s medical records and discovered that the driver suffered dementia and, on doctor’s instructions, was not allowed to drive alone. During a pre-litigation statement, the defendant admitted that her mind didn’t work so well.

In addition to this discovery, Dunnion Law countered that the fault for the collision lay with the driver and the friend who had allowed the driver to operate the minivan alone despite the doctor’s orders. These expertly presented discoveries and arguments resulted in the insurance company agreeing to a $500,000 settlement on behalf of our client.

Though his recuperation is ongoing, our client has his medical expenses paid and has enough to help him in his efforts to get back to the triathlon competitions and the family he loves.