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$1.25 Million Auto Accident

Elderly Client Struck in a Chain-Reaction Auto Accident Awarded a $1,250,000 Settlement

Though aging often tends to slow people down, that was not the case for our 84-year-old client. Her active life included caring for her mentally-disabled adult son, shopping at weekly swap meets and participating as a member of her local bowling league.

Unfortunately, a sleepy truck driver changed those activities for her forever.

The driver, who had fallen asleep at the wheel while driving his truck through Hayward, veered into the right-hand lane striking another passenger truck. The second truck then crashed into our client’s small sedan, forcing her vehicle to slam into the retaining wall on the side of the freeway.

Our client and her adult son, who was a passenger, suffered major injuries and severe bruising. While being transported by ambulance, her son suffered multiple seizures requiring additional medical care beyond his injuries. The crash also resulted in a spinal compression fracture – or broken back – for our client, and required extensive surgery. Despite the surgery, she continues to suffer ongoing chronic back pain.

Although the insurers agreed to pay nearly $70,000 for their medical expenses, our attorney pursued greater compensation for our clients. Rather than settle for the initial offer amount that did not reflect the impact the accident had on the clients’ lives, Dunnion Law went above and beyond to get our client and her son the amount they deserved.

Our attorney visited the clients at home to better understand the accident’s full toll on their emotional state and their ability to perform everyday tasks. After spending hours with them, he skillfully expounded on the extremity of their losses, increasing their settlement amount to $1,250,000 – which was more than the full limit of the policy, and 18X the value of their initial offer. With the sizable settlement, our client now has the means to take care of herself and her son well into the future.