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$750,000 Pedestrian Accident

Elderly Pedestrian Struck in Crosswalk Suffers Life-Altering Injuries – $750,000

Bowel injuries are uncommon among car accident victims; but Dunnion Law successfully drew a clear line to show the causal relationship between the accident and our client’s life-altering injuries.

While making a left-hand turn, a Sanger driver failed to see our client walking in the crosswalk and struck him hard, knocking him to the ground. Not only did our client suffer a fractured femur and broken hip as a result of the impact, he suffered blunt force injuries to his abdomen resulting in a twisted colon.

To address his injuries, doctors performed a hemioplasty to repair the connection of the ball joint of his hip to his injured femur. Rehabilitation for his hip injury took five months. The doctors also had to perform an additional surgery to remove the portion of twisted colon from our client’s abdomen. Within a week after the partial removal of his colon, our client began to experience bowel incontinence that he had never experienced before.

Though the insurance company agreed to costs incurred for the hip surgery, it claimed the delayed presentation of our client’s fecal incontinence a week after the colon surgery was unrelated to the car accident. Dunnion Law vigorously researched our client’s injuries and uncovered multiple articles from medical journals showing the causal relationship between the blunt trauma injury from the accident and our client’s subsequent bowel injuries. Our attorney further argued that these accident injuries forced our client to suffer lifelong fecal incontinence, and the ongoing use of a cane for mobility.

Dunnion Law’s diligence in its investigation of our client’s injuries, and of the causal relationship to the accident convinced the insurance company not only to compensate the client for his medical costs, but to provide a settlement of $750,000 as compensation for his diminished quality of life.