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$500,000 Bicycle Accident

Hasty Driver Strikes Bay Area Bicyclist – $500,000

Our client, a 31-year-old Bay Area cyclist, was bicycling on Monterey Road in San Jose when he was hit by a driver who was running late for a wedding. In an attempt to save time, the driver had blatantly run a red light at Blossom Hill Road. Upon impact, our client cartwheeled into the air, spinning at least three times before landing unconscious in the roadway.

In addition to nine fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, multiple fractured vertebrae, a ruptured spleen, and eventual splenectomy, our client also suffered a traumatic brain injury with persistent short term memory loss. In total, he spent nearly 40 days in the hospital.

Within days of taking the case, Dunnion Law discovered the driver appeared to be driving recklessly at the time of the incident. In addition, Dunnion gathered multiple witness statements to disprove any claim that the driver had a green light or that our client contributed to the collision.

Dunnion Law found the maximum possible recovery for our client, and promptly obtained it to enable him to access higher levels of specialist care. With Dunnion Law’s help, our client, who was previously unable to receive timely care with his Medi-Cal health insurance coverage, now has $500,000 to help him continue his care and recovery.