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$500,000 Head-on Colliosion

Head-on Collision Secures Full Limits – $500,000

A 31-year-old woman with a husband and children was driving to work when a driver coming down a private road was blinded by the sun. The driver struck the woman head-on at a high rate of speed.

The woman sustained numerous fractures that required surgery, including to her left femur, right femur, right hip, and her dominant left arm and wrist. She spent a total of three weeks in the emergency room, and three weeks in rehabilitation.

Dunnion Law took the case, gathered the bills and records, and investigated the other driver. After a scene investigation and several negotiations, Dunnion was able to secure the full limits of the liability policies. In addition, Dunnion negotiated the bills from $212,000 to $20,000 on behalf of its client.