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$500,000 Hit and Run

Hit-and-run collision tracked to tech president – $500,000 awarded

Driving his white Maserati Quattroporte at approximately 40 mph, the president of Sintegra, Inc., a semiconductor-based company in San Jose, carelessly struck a 53-year-old man biking ahead of him. 

The driver struck the bicyclist with such force that his body rolled onto the SUV’s hood and over its roof, ultimately crashing onto the road. Our client’s impact with the road was so severe, it resulted in a major gash to his head, essentially ‘scalping’ him on the left side. When paramedics arrived on the scene, our client lay on the ground bleeding profusely from his head and the driver had fled.

Almost immediately after the hit-and-run collision, a witness, who saw the incident, followed the driver to a nearby gas station and reported his location to the police. On the surveillance cameras, the driver can be seen casually checking the front bumper of his SUV for possible damage. 

By fleeing the scene and his responsibility for the collision, the driver showed his blatant disregard for our client’s extensive injuries, instigating a claim of aggravated liability. After four days recovering from multiple staples used to close his scalping injury, our client was released from the hospital and contacted Dunnion Law to pursue the party responsible for his injuries.

Our attorney quickly identified the driver, obtained the surveillance video and sent a demand to his insurance. Ten days later, Allstate Insurance agreed to pay our client, and settled the case for the full demand amount of $500,000.