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How do I handle the costs for property damage?

You should report the accident to your insurance company and the at-fault driver’s insurance company. You may also need to arrange to have your vehicle evaluated by the at-fault driver’s insurance. When you contact us and get your case underway, we can also take care of these insurance notifications and vehicle arrangements for you. At that time, we can also confirm coverage for your rental car. The insurance adjusters will assess the property damage and provide a settlement amount so repairs can be made. Sometimes, they may even refer you to a repair shop so you can get estimates to repair the damage.

It’s also important to know that the adjuster may declare your vehicle as ‘totaled,’ meaning the damage costs more than the vehicle is worth. In those circumstances, the insurance company will pay you the lesser amount between the cost of the repair and the vehicle value. While you may dispute the adjuster’s assessment, legally the insurance company’s responsibility to you is restoration of the vehicle’s fair market value before the accident occurred.

If there are extenuating circumstances on the property damage, such as damage to items in your vehicle or, injury to yourself or others, speaking with our attorney can help you get clarity on the value of your damages and loss.