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How do I hire an attorney?

In your search for an attorney, we recommend gathering as much information for your case as possible. When you contact Dunnion Law, we will discuss your needs and the specifics of your case. One of our highly experienced personal injury lawyers may also ask you a series of questions so they can understand how best to support you in either starting your case, or helping you get the right resources for your case.

Our personal injury lawyers have a hands-on approach and speak to you from the very beginning without having to go through numerous additional personnel. This allows us to be engaged and dedicated to you from the very beginning to the very end. Upon acceptance of your case, we will introduce you to the rest of your personalized legal team who will work tirelessly to lead you through the legal process with the determination and commitment to get you the compensation you deserve.

When you hire a personal injury attorney, your case is also likely to be resolved more quickly, and settlement is likely to be 3X or more than your counterpart who does not have a lawyer (Insurance Research Council). No matter the accident or injury you’ve sustained, we are here to help you successfully recover from your loss and damages.