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$450,000 Bicycle Accident

Injured Roofer Gets No Sympathy, Wins $450,000 Instead

Although our client was the one struck from his bicycle and thrown across an intersection, the police and paramedics placed fault 100% against him rather than the offending vehicle driver, a well-groomed, wealth management advisor.

Despite the chance of recovery looking dismal, Dunnion Law believed our client – a former roofer in his late 50s – received an unjust determination from the emergency personnel. Instead of assisting our client with his injuries, they appeared to be more concerned about comforting the driver who was worried about the inconvenience of the accident, and the possible increase to his insurance rates. Surprisingly, this well-heeled driver had virtually no concern for our client, who he had just nearly killed.

Our client suffered extensive injuries from the accident, including a broken nose, broken tibia-fibula, a broken left humerus, broken ribs, and several herniated discs down through his spinal column. His injuries required multiple surgeries to repair his nose, and to place plates, screws and rods into his arm. Doctors recommended long-term care for his back, including disc replacement and spinal fusion since herniations were expected to increase over time.

With little resources to get the medical care he needed, and the chance for recovery stacked against him, our client hired Dunnion Law, who immediately worked to get top medical providers to perform the evaluations and medical treatment he needed. Our team took quick action, forcing the third-party carrier to accept liability and make an early offer.

After extensively working the case, and conducting investigations where the driver admitted to having ‘a beer with dinner’ before the accident; and the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was un-buried, our team obtained a nearly half million dollar settlement for our client. Even with the cards stacked against our client, Dunnion Law pulled a winning hand of $450,000, quickly obtained the medical help he needed, and helped minimize his medical costs during the legal process.