Legal Secretary Trainee

Job Description

What you’ll be doing:

  • Assisting an attorney and paralegal with daily job functions, including speaking with current and potential clients, drafting correspondence, filing lawsuits, and preparing legal documents.
  • Gaining paralegal skills. Most of our paralegals started here as their first legal job. New hires typically spend the first few days learning to handle the phones, specialized software, and basic office procedures. In the first few weeks, they are learning the basics of a case, and how to assist the attorney with basic office and legal tasks. As their understanding of the legal system and our processes grow, the trainee becomes a crucial player on an attorney’s team, where he or she is not just in a supporting role but an equal part of the team’s success in helping our client.

What we believe in:

  • We believe in justice, fairness, and personal & corporate responsibility. For us, this takes the form of fighting for the little guy who is up against tough odds.
  • Hard, goal-oriented work towards a common mission, and never ending improvement and growth in order to better serve our clients and accomplish our goals.

You’ll thrive here if:

  • You value a sense of consequence and urgency to your work, and have the ability to work well under pressure
  • You value client and customer service, and have the ability to create meaningful connections with clients
  • You value positivity and optimism, and want to contribute it to and receive it from your team
  • You are organized, diligent, and pay attention to details
  • You want to be challenged, not bored (there will always be something to work on)
  • You are looking for a place to develop career skills, not just a paycheck
  • You value work that makes a real, direct impact on the life of someone in need of help


$20/hr starting pay assuming no relevant experience, more with relevant experience, and significantly more with prior paralegal experience.

Specific requirements:

  • Word processing or typing experience (50 wpm minimum) and basic computer skills
  • Ability to communicate clearly and warmly to clients
  • Responsible and reliable. Able to commit to full time work M-F 8:00-5:00.
  • Professional (demeanor, communication, appearance)

To Apply:

Please submit your resume and cover letter to the attention of the Hiring Director at [email protected] Important note: We highly prioritize the review of resumes submitted in conjunction with a phone call to the Hiring Director introducing yourself and giving us a heads up that you will be submitting or have submitted your resume for the position. It can be as simple as, if the Hiring Director is not available, leaving a voicemail that:

My name is ___, and I am submitting a resume for the ____ position. My call back number is ___.

We do this because we generally have a high degree of interest for the positions that open up, and have found this to be an easy way to help us prioritize the candidates who are most interested or have been the most diligent in reading our application instructions. The good news for you is that your brief call to us will quickly set you apart from the many will apply without reading this section. And we are thrilled you have indeed read this far! Interested in joining the team? We look forward to your call!