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$750,000 Auto Accident

Madera Man Able to Provide for His Family Due to Settlement – $750,000

A Dunnion Law client was visiting his brother in Modesto when out of the blue, a car slammed into theirs flipping them over and trapping Dunnion’s client in the wreckage. News footage shows the Jaws of Life cutting the gentleman out of the vehicle and then being taken, comatose, to the hospital. No one ever knew what happened, as the middle-aged woman driving the other car was also knocked unconscious and has no memory whatsoever of the event.

Unfortunately, our injured client had no medical insurance and no means to get any treatment for his injuries, including a closed head injury and knee derangement which required surgery. Dunnion attorneys worked with local doctors to arrange all treatment needed by the client without payment up front, and ultimately the client recovered and was able to return to work a year after the horrendous crash.

Dunnion Law then turned its efforts towards settlement with the woman. They were only offered a paltry $250,000 for the egregious injuries which would have left very little for deja client after treatment costs, litigation expenses and fees. They mounted an aggressive action plan filing a lawsuit and pursuing all avenues against the defendant. This strategy finally resulted in getting the carrier’s full attention and the matter ultimately settled for $750,000, including an annuity that will protect the client’s family for years to come.