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Safety Equipment for Every Motorcyclist

Motorcycles can be an amazing way to travel in California, especially during the spring and summer. It’s always important while on your motorcycle to stay safe on the road.

You’ve probably heard lots of statistics about just how dangerous a motorcycle crash can be. The more effort you can put into protecting yourself and investing in products that decrease your chances of an accident, the greater the chances that you’ll be able to enjoy the open roads all year round.

Beyond your helmet, there are safe and exciting new upgrades out there that will help to prevent you from being in an accident or give you additional protection if you are hit or hurt.

LED Lights

LED lighting works not just for seeing the other vehicles on the road, but also increases your visibility, protecting you from being invisible to other drivers. Plenty of helmets now come equipped with LED lighting to boost that chance of a driver spotting you ahead of them, behind them, or next to them. But, that’s not where the power of LED lighting ends.

LED lighting also makes it easier for you to see the road ahead of you, which can become a vital form of riding support when it’s foggy or rainy. If you haven’t upgraded your bike equipment or helmet in some time, now is the right time to look for products with LED lighting!


Bet you thought airbags were only for cars, right? Recognizing the power that these devices have for protecting passengers and drivers in cars, savvy motorcycle manufacturers and safety companies have started looking into how these could be put into place via the clothing that the rider is wearing.
Originally designed for motorcross and competitive biking competitions, manufacturers have developed options for motorcyclists in the consumer market. The clothing detects when the motorcycle has hit something else, allowing an airbag to deploy quickly from craftily designed lining and seams.


You already know that it’s not a good idea to wear weak shoes like flip flops while on your bike, but did you know that you can upgrade your boot investment and possibly get some extra safety protection? Today’s bootmakers are looking at ways to leverage options like flexible impact technology so that there’s less of a risk of a foot or ankle injury in a wreck.


Gloves add to the overall look while you’re driving and help you get more stability, but the kind of gloves you choose can also assist you when it comes to boosting up your safety on the bike. While your gloves do give you a chance to firmly grip the bars of the bike, your gloves should do double-duty and give you more traction when you need to grip the ground if you’re thrown off during an accident.

The best all-around glove to look into is the touring glove, which is perfect for hot or cold riding, ventilation, and protection. If your glove hasn’t been upgraded in a while this is the perfect place to start.


You might want to ride your motorcycle with your own clothing selections, but consider for a minute that a suite can provide a lot of great benefits. To start with, you can choose a one piece or a two piece suit to reflect your personal style and preferences. This covers many of the important parts of your body that could get scraped up in road rash, an injury all too common for those who ride motorcycles.

Look for a suit that has a Kevlar abrasion mix in it to minimize the impact on your skin and body if you’re hurt in a crash.


The cornerstone of your protection is your helmet. Head injuries in motorcycle accidents can be devastating. This can lead to a traumatic brain injury.

When your head strikes the pavement, a car, or part of your bike, this can lead to damage in the form of internal bleeding, too. The helmet is the first line of defense for a life-threatening brain injury. Any old helmet won’t do – make sure that yours is not used (it could have been through a previous crash you don’t know about, which weakens it’s effectiveness for you.)

Three major options appear when you first start to search for a safe helmet. The first is the full helmet, which gives you the most coverage all over your head with a visor that covers your eyes. You can get different tints on this helmet type, but the all-over coverage shouldn’t limit your ability to hear and see.

The second type is the ¾ helmet which gives you the most coverage about your face and head with more support and protection at the base of your head.

Finally, you also have the option of buying a ½ helmet. This only has a partial cover on the back and side, so it doesn’t give you the best range of protection of all three kinds of motorcycle helmets.

All of this safety gear helps you stay alert to your surroundings and visible to other drivers. If you wind up in a serious motorcycle accident in California, it could even save your life.

What to Do If You Are in a Motorcycle Accident

If you have already been harmed in a California motorcycle accident and are coping with severe injuries like broken bones, fractures, road rash, or brain injuries, you need to have your case evaluated by a team of professionals.

Dunnion Law regularly works with victims of CA motorcycle crashes to help you understand the legal rights available to you.
If you’re concerned about receiving compensation for your injuries or what this accident means for your family’s future, set aside time now to schedule a free consultation or phone call with your CA personal injury lawyers at Dunnion Law.

We can help you understand your rights and duties when recovering from an accident and the steps you should take to protect yourself and your family.