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$7.3 Million Multi-Car Accident

Multi-Car Accident Results in Multi-Million Dollar Settlement – $7,366,252

This California personal injury case involved a mother and daughter who were stopped in traffic and suddenly rear-ended in a chain reaction accident. A commercial vehicle traveling at excessive speeds hit the row of stopped cars resulting in a multi-car pileup with a total of six vehicles struck. Our client was the second car to be hit.

The victim sustained an immediate vertebral body fracture and spinal cord injury. Like many patients, the injuries following this critical California car accident continued to emerge in the weeks and months following the initial hospital visit.

After obtaining expert testimony and presenting the extent of loss the client suffered, including a spinal fracture resulting in paraplegia, Our client’s doctors discovered another fracture with displaced fragments just a few millimeters below the original injury site, making the client unable to use her left leg.

Despite being bound to a wheelchair due to her lifetime paralysis, defense counsel tried to portray the accident as a simple rear-ender. Dunnion Law leveraged extensive expert testimony to illustrate how our paraplegic client’s life was forever changed by this multi-car crash.

Thanks to these efforts, our client was able to receive substantial compensation for her injuries and future medical care. She receives an annuity check every month for as long as she lives and also received multiple lump sum payments. Dunnion Law’s quick intervention enabled our client to get the financial compensation to help her obtain the care and quality of life she deserves.