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$582,000 Truck Accident

Oakland Long-Haul Truck Driver Suffers a Back Injury When He Is Rear-Ended by Another Semi During an Ice Storm in Missouri – $582,000

An Oakland long-haul truck driver is on his way back home to California when he is suddenly caught in a historic ice storm while on an Interstate Highway in Missouri.  He pulls his semi-tractor and trailer over to the shoulder as a safety measure.  Unfortunately, another semi driver fails to operate his rig as safely and loses control on the ice, crashing into a semi in front of him.  This starts a chain reaction of semis and passenger vehicles crashing into each other until more than 50 vehicles are damaged with their occupants hurt.

This Oakland man, far from home, is one of those badly hurt drivers.  In fact, after being seen by emergency room physicians and discharged with a back strain, he finds that his back continues to worsen as he heads home to California in another rig.  He never makes it home. 

In another state, he stops and presents at another emergency room, where the physicians find he has Cauda Equina, a spinal condition that worsened with time until his disc completely herniated. He undergoes emergency surgery and many months of rehabilitation. He can no longer walk normally due to the spinal injury. His urological organs and genitals are severely affected.  He no longer feels like a man. He contacts Dunnion Law to collect the maximum amount from the other driver’s insurance policy.  But he knows that such an effort will require filing and litigating thousands of miles away in Missouri. Dunnion does not hesitate.

Their attorneys promptly file in Missouri and force the insurance company to attend settlement conferences in California and in Missouri. Finally, close to the federal court trial date, the insurance company for the recklessly driving semi driver, folds and offers half a million dollars as settlement for this permanently disabled man. The company would have offered more to him but it had a limited insurance policy and many other claims to pay in that chain reaction accident caused by their insured. Nevertheless, Dunnion got their client the most out of the policy. This is the goal and the philosophy of Dunnion Law —to obtain the maximum settlement and the best representation for their clients.