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$500,000 Bicycle Accident

Car door opens, injuring passing bicyclist – $500,000

Our client was riding his bicycle down a city street when a parked motorist opened his door in his path. He was thrown to the ground, fracturing his ankle. The defendant’s insurance company recognized their insured was at fault and recognized that this was a serious injury. They offered a respectable $200,000.00 to settle the case.

He, however, had never really recovered and still had pain and experienced a limp. Our attorney believed the injury was more serious than the insurance company realized and was able to get the company to agree to mediate the case before spending any significant time or money in litigating the matter. As a result of meeting the client and with the assistance of the mediator, the insurance company offered $325,000.00 in full settlement. Although the client authorized Dunnion to settle the case at that sum, we were still not satisfied. Over a period of several weeks, through meetings, dialogue, and exchange of information, he secured an offer of $500,000.00, which thrilled the client and settled the case.