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Dog viciously attacks two-year old girl resulting in the all-time national record for animal attack cases - $8,000,000

Jan 22, 2018
Tom Dunnion and Glenda de Guzman

Dunnion Law represented a toddler who was seriously injured in a dog bite and attack from a pit bull/boxer mix. The toddler’s bottom lip and part of her chin were taken in the accident. Young children are among those most likely to be critically injured in California dog bite accidents, and can leave significant medical bills for the child and parents. Recovery from a toddler dog bite can take months or even years depending on the extent of the damage from the initial accident.

The toddler went through multiple reconstruction surgeries to her face shortly after the incident and is scheduled for additional procedures when she reaches age 16. Due to the extensive injuries in this case, which also included the toddler’s grandmother who was attacked as she attempted to protect her granddaughter, several concerns arose about whether sufficient insurance was available to cover the damages.

Dunnion Law leveraged an alliance with the defendant’s personal lawyer to seek additional compensation from other carriers in complex strategies related to insurance policies and responsibilities.

The settlement amount was placed into an annuity that will enable the toddler to receive approximately $35 million throughout her lifetime. While traumatized as a baby, the toddler will be repaid by her early loss with guaranteed income for life. She will be able to have a better childhood and get the medical care and support she needed thanks to Dunnion Law and their efforts to fight for her life-changing settlement.

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