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Nurse and mother awarded substantial recovery for loss and injuries - $2,000,000

Jun 11, 2018
Bridget C. Dunnion

On her way home from a night shift, a 55-year-old nurse and horse enthusiast was hit by a driver who fell asleep and drifted into her lane. The impact propelled the nurse’s vehicle off the road and into a barbed wire fence, where the vehicle landed upside down on cement blocks.

The collision caused a posterior disc extrusion, impinging her nerves and causing pain and numbness to her right leg. The nurse had to undergo a nerve surgery that required spinal fusion and removal of instrumentation.

Dunnion Law was able to get compensation not only for the injuries and surgery affecting her spine and right side, but also for the loss of not being able to work as a nurse again, or ride her horses. The total settlement for the nurse was two million dollars.

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