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Swimming Pool Drowning Results In Settlement of $500,000

Mar 2, 2018
Related Attorney: Tom Dunnion

It took several weeks for the autopsy report to come back, but once it did, showing drowning as the sole cause of death, Dunnion Law presented an immediate demand for the limits of the homeowners’ policy.

The carrier argued that the hosts had not taken their eyes off the kids for more than three minutes, but Dunnion contended that there was simply no margin for error in supervising a swimming party. The carrier hired an attorney to negotiate the case who initially tried to blame the child–for playing a dangerous game–and exonerate the adults–"it was only a few minutes." But Dunnion was adamant that failure to supervise children in a pool is almost negligence per se, and after a week of thinking over, the carrier offered the policy in full satisfaction of the claim.

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