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Uninsured Motorcyclist Loses Leg in Crash Caused by San Jose Construction Company - $3,230,000

Mar 2, 2018
Glenda de Guzman

An uninsured San Jose motorcyclist was on his way home from work when he was struck by a pick-up truck. The accident resulted in the man’s leg being mangled and surgically amputated. The life changing injury caused him to suffer deadly infections which resulted in near death.  

Dunnion Law immediately went to work hiring the best experts and consultants in the state regarding the medical and financial needs of an amputee in today’s world. Despite the law preventing him from collecting money for pain and suffering, he was entitled to all of his future care needs being met.  His attorneys at Dunnion Law presented the company’s insurance company with a multi-million dollar bill for future care, and it was all paid in full.  

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