Personal Injury Case Manager

Job Description

Dunnion Law has been dedicated solely to handling plaintiffs’ personal injury cases since 1975. We are passionate about fighting for justice for injured Californians and have a long-standing history of helping our clients beat tough odds against ruthless insurance companies. Now we are seeking a capable, experienced Case Manager to join our growing team. Bilingual English/Spanish speakers are highly encouraged to apply.

At Dunnion Law, you have the opportunity to work independently on your own assigned caseload under the guidance of a supervising attorney. At the same time, you will have access to support from other team members to help you make a deep and positive impact towards restoring the quality of our clients’ lives. We encourage our legal professionals to discuss case issues during our weekly meeting and share their best methods and resources at our periodic development meetings.

About the position:

How you begin your journey at Dunnion Law depends on your level of comfort, and prior experience with managing cases. Case manager candidates should have a minimum of three years’ experience as a personal injury case manager or paralegal.

This can be a fully remote position. Familiarity with California-specific rules is not required, but you must understand and be able to confidently navigate the more universal aspects of personal injury case management. Out-of-state candidates, or those with only the minimum amount of experience, will team up with attorneys from our office for a period of time while learning the ins-and-outs of the practice and expanding their knowledge of practices unique to our state.

The ideal outcome is that with our training resources, a newer California PI case manager will quickly grow into a position of self-reliance and responsibility for their own caseload (with support from a case staff member). Highly experienced case managers can immediately begin working on their own designated caseload, following a short instructional introduction to the office. You will then act, with the assistance of staff and your supervising attorney, as the primary prelitigation driver responsible for obtaining just for our clients.

As a case manager, you will be directly responsible for:

  • Reviewing new client intakes and independently determining the likelihood of their being a successful outcome for both the client and the office
  • Investigating newly assigned cases for liability and/or locating a source of recovery
  • Contacting insurance carriers to open new claims and verbally negotiating claims with adjusters
  • Managing the medical care of clients, including arranging for transportation or assisting clients with locating a provider
  • Requesting and collecting medical and other types of evidence related to client cases
  • Generating various types of correspondence on cases, including letters of representation, updates to client and medical payment demands
  • Drafting persuasive demand letters  
  • Maintaining frequent contact and communication with clients about updates in their cases
  • Reviewing and maintaining one’s own statute deadlines and case reporting requirements to the office
  • Negotiating with providers and other lien holders using statutory and equitable arguments and properly resolving any lien obligations
  • Effectuating case disbursements, including preparation of settlement documents, and review of other necessary documentation
  • Participation and collaboration in various office projects aimed toward improvement, growth and training

Minimum Qualifications:

  • You have excellent verbal communication skills, including the ability to synthesize facts, law, and medicine into persuasive arguments.
  • You are a clear writer. You can distill the complex and persuasively establish elements of a claim.
  • You have a solid understanding of negotiation theory and practice that is grounded in real-word experience.
  • You have a desire and a passion for helping people.
  • You want to work in an environment that values proactivity, goal setting and achievement, and drives to make our clients happy.

Candidates who meet the qualifications listed above and perform well will earn a solid base salary based on level of experience, plus a competitive performance-based bonus structure that allows you to set the pace for your own earning ability.

Salary: Between $70,000 – $90,000 base salary, plus ability to earn performance-based bonuses, along with other monthly and yearend bonus opportunities.

To Apply: Submit your information and resume via the Application form.