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$500,000 Dog Bite

Mail Carrier Receives Compensation for Dog Bite Injury – $500,000

A 55-year-old mail carrier was delivering mail on his postal route when a pit bull tied to a rope got loose. The mail carrier had been bitten two other times on the job, and was fearful it might happen again. The dog ran to attack the mail carrier, biting him on his chest and left arm. The mail carrier then pepper sprayed the dog, who locked its teeth into the mail carrier’s left leg. Animal control was later called, and euthanized the dog.

In addition to the leg bite, the mail carrier also sustained injuries to his upper elbow and chest from the pit bull. A dog bite cutting through the third layer of skin to the bone required multiple stitches. The injury was too serious for local care, and required an ambulance to a Kaiser facility. The accident changed the mail carrier’s domestic life, as well as his capability to support his family.

Dunnion Law recovered $500,000 for the mail carrier. In addition, Dunnion helped the mail carrier set up an annuity account to help disburse the funds for his future expenses and use.