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$6.6 Million Product Defect

Product Defect Results in Recovery of $6,600,000

Our clients – a brother and a sister – sustained injuries in an accident involving a defective tractor ramp. Both clients were walking on a freeway transition road when a semi-truck with an improperly secured trailer turned on a bend in the road that caused the trailer ramp to slide out from the side. The loose ramp struck the man with such force, his leg required amputation as a result.

Dunnion Law stepped in to represent these plaintiffs and to bring out more details during the deposition phase, where critical information about the truck driver’s lack of a safety check contributed to the loose ramp.

Dunnion Law sued not just the truck driver for his negligence but also the manufacturer of the trailer and side lift gate due to the critical injuries sustained by our client.  In order to recover fair compensation for him, Dunnion Law focused heavily on the valuation of this injury. The defense fought vigorously claiming the primary plaintiff may also have contributed to the accident due to a criminal record and past history with drug abuse and mental illness.

Dunnion Law’s approach in this case was to highlight the value of every human life and to have his future medical needs calculated properly to increase his settlement value. Dunnion Law continued to help both plaintiffs receive basic needs during the case and after, including helping the injured man receive a $30,000 prosthetic leg so that he could stand and interact as the father of his two sons.

The plaintiff received a settlement of more than $6 million, which was used to purchase a handicap-accessible home for him and guarantees him a lifetime of income through an annuity. Dunnion Law also obtained a sizable six-figure settlement for his sister.