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$700,000 Auto Accident

Dunnion Law Pushes Toward Trial in Rear-End Accident – $700,000

A 55-year-old security guard, who has children and grandchildren, was stopped at a red light on his way home from work when he was suddenly rear-ended by a large box truck at high speed. The impact was so substantial that it broke the driver’s seat back.

The rear impact caused the driver’s pre-existing damaged brain stem—which had no symptoms before the accident—to worsen until he lost the ability to keep his balance and was forced to depend on a wheelchair.

Dunnion Law successfully obtained the $1,000,000 policy limits. Due to the prior brain stem condition, the insurance company attorneys fought for years claiming it was a pre-existing condition. After pursuing the case despite this claim, Dunnion Law successfully increased the insurance company’s offer to a higher amount, helping avoid a lengthy trial for the client.