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Tips For Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents This Summer

Jul 18, 2018
Learn helpful tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents, and discover how a motorcycle injury attorney can help you fight a reluctant insurance company. Read More

Posted in: Safety

Several Ways Expert Witnesses Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

Jul 5, 2018
Learn about several ways expert witnesses can hurt your personal injury case, and find out how a Monterey personal injury attorney can help. Read More

Monterey County Sheriff’s Patrol Car Catches Fire During Auto Accident Response

Jun 13, 2018
Learn more about pure comparative negligence in California vehicle accidents and find out how a Monterey car accident attorney can help. Read More

Posted in: Safety

Injured Baseball Fan Files Lawsuit Against Fresno Grizzlies

May 30, 2018
Find out who’s liable for a personal injury at a sporting event and learn how a Fresno personal injury attorney from Dunnion Law Firm can help. Read More

What You Need to Know About Bicycle Accidents in California

May 16, 2018
Learn everything you need to know about being involved in a bicycle accident and discover how Dunnion Law Firm can help win your case. Read More

Posted in: Safety

Pedestrian Hit by a Car

May 2, 2018
Getting in a car accident is dangerous enough, but if you’re hit by a car while on foot, the damage can be much worse. Read More

What if...

You Have a Car Accident in a Leased Vehicle

Apr 12, 2018
Leasing is becoming ever more popular with cars these days, and for good reason. An auto lease allows you to get into a pretty great car at a very a... Read More

Posted in: Safety

Driving in Bad Weather Conditions

Nov 1, 2017
Just because you have somewhere important to be doesn’t mean the weather is going to cooperate. Driving in adverse weather conditions may be an unavoi... Read More

What Happens When You're Hit by a Driver with No Car Insurance

May 10, 2017
When you’re in a car accident and you get hurt, it can be nerve-wracking as well as stressful and terrifying. Read More

Why You Need a Police report After a Car Accident

May 2, 2017
When you’re in an auto accident, the first thing you should do, no matter how minor it seems, is to call first responders. There’s a number of reasons... Read More
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