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I Slipped on a Puddle of Water, Can I File an Injury Lawsuit?

Dec 27, 2016

If someone owns property or runs a business, they don’t want to find themselves stuck with a lawsuit after someone slips and falls. They do everything in their power to make sure their grounds are taken care of and safe for everyone.

But what if weather is involved? Can you file a lawsuit against a property owner for slipping on water on their grounds? A personal injury lawyer will be able to best help you determine whether you can make a claim in such instances. Let’s take a closer look.


When it comes to injuries in the workplace, slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes. The same holds true for injuries of patrons of small businesses that occur on company (or retail store) grounds. Holes, broken surfaces, slippery ground, spills of water, mud and water, and bad drainage are all hazards associated with accidents.


Any slip and fall accident will require an in depth investigation in order to determine who was at fault in the accident. Since they are far more likely to occur in the wintertime, many more general liability lawsuits take place. Insurance adjusters will likely assume that a claim will come about if there’s been an accident from a slip and fall on a client’s property, so they will likely start their own investigation right away.

Good claims investigations include finding evidence to prove negligence or fault from many sources. These include statements from the claimant, accident reports, witness statements, paramedics’ reports, reports of the incident, contracts for water removal, weather records, and photos taken at the scene.


Slipping and falling on someone else’s property does not make the owner automatically at fault for the accident, though many people assume this is the case. If inclement weather was involved in the accident occurring, it very well may not be.

The investigation into your claim of an injury lawsuit would need to include thoroughly evaluating the liability of the owner to keep the property clear of water and snow.

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