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$700,000 Wrongful Death

Semi-Trailer Accident Results in Wrongful Death – $700,000

A beloved and long-standing member of the Hollister community died in a semi-trailer accident as she attempted to turn her Prius into freeway traffic on CA 152.

The active and vibrant older woman, who had recently returned from her travels to the Vatican, worked more than 30 years in the San Benito courts. She was a well-known pillar of her community, and had a close relationship with her daughter, our client.

The accident took place east of Gilroy when the truck driver, whose load consisted of 35,000 tons of hazardous material, crashed at full speed into the Prius as it merged into traffic. The loaded semi-trailer struck the small vehicle violently, forcing the vehicle against the guardrails, and causing multiple thoracic blunt force injuries to the vehicle driver. During later deposition, it was determined that the semi-trailer driver had not put on his brake until after impact.

Following the collision, the ambulance arrived and drove the woman to the hospital where she was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

Despite the case facing several daunting hurdles, including the decedent’s questionable actions in merging into traffic, and the defendant’s compliance to the speed limit, Dunnion Law attorneys accepted the case.

According to expert testimony from one of the best truck accident experts in the state, the truck driver breached his duty of care by not acting in response to the decedent’s merging vehicle. Further, our attorneys questioned the semi-truck driver during an intense deposition, and demonstrated he was not adequately paying attention and did not place safety first as is his responsibility under California law.

Tough representation on behalf of our attorneys successfully earned the client a substantial reward of $700,000 to help compensate for the loss of her mother, and their future years together.