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$1.1 Million Auto Accident

Settlement Negotiated for Victims of Collision on San Mateo Bridge – $1,100,000

A security supervisor at a Bay Area Kaiser hospital was on her way home to South San Francisco in the early hours of the morning. Though there were few cars on the San Mateo Bridge at this early morning hour, a dangerous obstacle awaited her near the end of the bridge. Ahead, another driver had disabled her own vehicle by driving into the center divider. This other driver then pulled to the right lane of the bridge and stopped.

A few minutes later, our client approached in the left lane, unaware of the upcoming hazard. Ahead of her, and in the right lane, was a taxi cab. The driver of the taxi cab was exhausted after a long shift, and failed to notice the disabled vehicle until it was too late. He slammed into it at high speed. He then careened off to the left and into the center divider just in front of our approaching client, who had no chance to avoid slamming into him.

In attempting to brake, our client unfortunately suffered a heel and ankle fracture that resulted in permanent disablement. She lost her job, and is unable to work on her feet ever again. We therefore obtained for her not only the maximum insurance funds available from the woman stopped on the bridge, $100,000, but, for the parties injured by the taxi driver, $1,000,000 of further insurance funds.