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$9.55 Million Trailer Accident

Trailer Detached from Truck- $9,550,000

In this $9.55 million truck accident case, a road trip among friends went wrong when a FedEx truck with an improperly attached dolly caused a serious accident. As with any California truck accident involving improperly attached cargo, the driver can lose full control of the vehicle in a matter of seconds, leaving other drivers little to no opportunity to adjust.

Because the driver hadn’t properly attached or secured the dolly, it broke loose and passed over the center divider of the I-5 Highway in Los Angeles into the plaintiff’s lane. All three of our clients in this California truck accident were critically injured. The driver was impaled by the steering wheel, one passenger sustained heart damage, and the third suffered internal bodily injuries.

With fault clearly established, the firm’s focus was to clearly evaluate and fight for fair compensation for all plaintiffs. Dunnion Law retained additional support in the form of co-counsel, connected plaintiffs with the best specialists for their treatment, and assisted with obtaining necessary outside funding for the plaintiffs while the suit was filed.

Dunnion Law also stepped in to help outline the steps the plaintiffs needed to take with their medical care and with their case to allow them to work towards recovering compensation as soon as possible.

Our clients were able to establish a new normal and focus on their healing and recovery during this critical period. The award, both in the form of annuities and balloon payments, allowed the plaintiffs to recover from this devastating accident and move on with their lives.