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$1.0 Million Motorcycle Accident

Uninsured handy man taken under the wheels of a big rig recovers $1,000,000

A young handy man riding his motorcycle to work was lane sharing at an intersection in Fresno, and stopped between two big rigs. As the light turned green, one of the big rigs pulled forward catching the client’s motorcycle handle bars.

The motorcycle was quickly pulled under the big rig’s wheels, running over the client and his motorcycle. The wheels of the rig crushed our client’s pelvis, causing his tail bone to tear through the flesh of his buttocks, and become exposed to open air, and infection. At just 26-years-old, this young man underwent eight surgeries, and was hospitalized for two months.

The trucking company’s insurance attempted to fight liability for the accident. Dunnion Law, in turn, located an independent eyewitness who said the truck driver fled the scene after the incident. Dunnion knew this testimony was admissible in court to show that the defendant was responsible for the crash.

Because our client had no liability insurance for his motorcycle, any recovery for damages related to his pain and suffering were limited by existing law. Dunnion Law’s experience and knowledge of these laws, enabled our client to navigate through these limitations, and recover the full $1,000,000 policy limits from the trucking company’s insurance.