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$3.23 Million Motorcycle Accident

Uninsured Motorcyclist Loses Leg in Crash Caused by San Jose Construction Company – $3,230,000

A 47 year-old San Jose tile setter was on his way home on his motorcycle from a construction site. Ironically, he was hit by a pick-up truck driven by the employee of another local construction company.  In that crash, the man’s leg was badly mangled.  But the leg could not be saved by the time he reached the hospital. His leg was surgically amputated and he suffered several weeks of terrible post-surgical pain in the hospital. 

Two weeks after discharge, he was back in the hospital fighting for his life from a deadly infection that had set in to the stump. He would remain in the critical infectious disease care unit for many weeks. When he was able to come back to his senses after being nearly comatose with pain, he decided to hire an attorney who would fight for him.  He was unsure whether he could ever recover sufficient monies from the at-fault driver or from his company. He was especially worried because he was unfortunately driving without liability insurance as he could not afford the premiums.

The economy had dealt him a harsh hand, as it had done to so many persons like him in San Jose. Dunnion Law immediately went to work hiring the best experts and consultants in the state regarding the medical and financial needs of an amputee in today’s world. Opinions from leading experts in vocational skills, physical medicine, lifetime medical care, lifetime prosthetic costs, and economics were obtained; they were used to support the need for several millions in settlement monies to care for this man into his old age.  Despite the law preventing him from collecting monies for pain and suffering, he was entitled to all of his future care needs being met. His attorneys at Dunnion Law presented the company’s insurance company with a multi-million dollar bill for future care. And they paid it all—every last cent.

This outcome was exactly what Dunnion promised its client, that Dunnion would fight for all the money to which he was entitled. This man may no longer have the same life as he had before, but as he told his attorney: “You have made the life I ended up with after the accident so much better!”