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$500,000 Auto Accident

Uninsured Motorist Crashes Vehicle of Young Family Man – $500,000

Mastering the art of barbecue, making new discoveries with his two little boys, and providing for his wife and young family meant everything to our 26-year-old client. He had worked hard for years building this life which promised him bright prospects of becoming a real estate agent, or possibly a CHP officer.

That promise suddenly dimmed when an uninsured driver pulled his car directly in front of our client who was driving home from work. With his car traveling at more than 60 mph, he had no chance of avoiding the devastating collision. Despite a semi-truck driver’s quick action to use his rig to block oncoming traffic and help prevent further injury to the two drivers, our client could only be removed from his crumpled vehicle after more than 10 minutes using the jaws of life.

Our client suffered catastrophic injuries throughout his body – literally from head to toe. Head trauma and brain injuries from the high-speed collision resulted in impaired memory and recall, compromising his ability to sequence, plan or coordinate his actions and movements. Molar fractures in his teeth and fractures to his Hallux and big toe required extensive and painful treatment including root canals and braces.

His impairments, coupled with his loss of simple recall and cognition, also prevented him from returning to work and providing financially for the family he had once so proudly supported. Although his physical injuries were many, the impact of his injuries to his relationship with his wife and his children ran much deeper and changed this young vibrant father into a man depressed and deprived of the independence he cherished.

Because the other motorist was uninsured, our client pursued payment for his medical expenses and damages under his own insurance policy. However, his insurance company refused to pay claiming that they were not liable for his medical expenses and damages based on how his policy had been acquired and paid. Exhausted from his injuries and extensive recovery, our client hired Dunnion Law to help him get the compensation he was due.

Our attorneys immediately set out to show he was indeed covered by the insurance policy that his mother had dutifully paid on his behalf. After finally accepting responsibility for payment, his insurance offered him just 42% of the full policy limit, well below the losses he suffered and the ongoing affect it has to his self-esteem and relationships.

Dunnion Law rejected the offer stating it was unacceptable compensation for the extent of the loss and damages our client suffered. In arguments that detailed the depth of his injuries and the impact to his relationships and self-esteem, Dunnion Law demanded the full policy limit of $500,000. Presented with these arguments, the insurance company abandoned its initial resistance and ultimately conceded to Dunnion Law’s demands and paid the full policy limit.

Though he continues to suffer impairment from his brain injury, his settlement can now cover the medical expenses from his injuries and help his family toward financial recovery.