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Leasing is becoming ever more popular with cars these days, and for good reason. An auto lease allows you to get into a pretty great car at a very affordable rate, even a car you couldn’t otherwise handle. However, many drivers are concerned about what happens if they’re in a leased car and they’re in a car accident.

The truth is, an accident in a leased vehicle isn’t much different than in a vehicle you own. Let’s take a look at what happens when you’re in a car accident in a leased vehicle, how the case proceeds and why it’s so important to have an injury attorney.

Car Accident in a Leased Vehicle

First things first: almost every state out there requires you to carry standard auto insurance on a lease, just as you would on a new car. In some cases, you might even have to carry more insurance, depending on your lease agreement. It’s true that you don’t own the car you’re driving, but in truth, if you’re still paying on a new car you don’t quite own that one, either.

With a lease, the biggest difference is that in addition to your insurance company, you’ll need to let the leasing agency know that you’ve had an accident as well.

What to Do after an Accident

The first thing you should do after an accident is make sure that everyone is okay. Call first responders, even if you don’t feel injured, so you can both file a police report and get checked out for any injuries you haven’t noticed.

Take all the photos you can, from all the angles you can. Trade contact information with the other driver, and with all witnesses to the scene. Exchange insurance information with the other driver. Then, as soon as possible, inform your insurance company, the leasing agency, and call for help from an attorney.

The Leasing Company

Your leasing company may require you to take specific steps to affect repairs on your car. For example, you may not be permitted to use aftermarket parts. If you fail to abide by these requirements, you could face penalties at the end of the lease. Likewise, if you don’t have enough insurance coverage to cover the car’s value, you might be on the hook for the remainder of the value.

Pursuing the Claim

Pursuing a claim for damages against the other driver is exactly the same as if you owned the car. You’ll still have to deal with insurance adjusters looking to get out of paying you for your claim, and you’ll still need to prove negligence on the part of the other driver. That’s why it’s so important to have a car accident attorney in your corner.

Any time you’re in a car accident in a leased vehicle, you need someone who can fight for your rights, who can defend you and ensure that everyone remembers who the victim is. For years, Dunnion Law has protected people just like you.

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