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What do I do after a dog bite or attack?

Get medical help as dog bites and attack injuries often require bandaging, stitches or immediate car. Visiting a doctor as soon as possible if the injuries are severe is also recommended because a dog bite or dog attack can cause both short- and long- term damage. It’s quite likely you will be entitled to compensation. 

For puncture wounds and minor bite injuries, wash the wound and see a doctor because there may be risk of an infection. There is an abundance of information online available, but this item from the National Library of Medicine can help with your wound care. For more serious bites, get immediate emergency help.

If you can, document your injury with photos. A friend or family member may also be able to take down the dog owner’s information if you’re injured. Getting the vaccination information of the dog can also help determine whether you need additional follow-up care, such as rabies shots.

We urge you to contact our personal injury lawyers to help you pursue a settlement from the dog owner. Regardless of whether the bite or attack took place in a public or private space, the owner of that dog is considered liable.

Under California dog bite laws, the dog owner cannot escape liability and is responsible for all damage caused by the dog bite. Our personal injury lawyers have worked on numerous liability and dog bite cases, winning a record-breaking settlement in California. Calling us can help provide you with the legal representation you deserve for your dog bite case.

With more and more people owning dogs, the probability of a dog attack increases. As personal injury lawyers, we are here to help you take legal action if you were attacked by a dog, or experienced a dog bite.